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UPworld: Building Connections

UPworld provides a new and exciting way for design, construction, and real estate professionals to meet each other and make valuable business connections online! UPworld is the first website to connect architects, planners, contractors, fabricators, developers, investors, engineers, and suppliers all on a single platform.

UPworld's innovative platform connects professionals to one another for new business opportunities, deals, and projects. UPworld members create online profiles and portfolios to showcase their skills and expertise. They network with each other to establish valuable business connections and form project teams.

UPworld bridges across eight major industries: real estate, planning, finance, development, design, construction, fabrication, and products. Plenty of professional organizations exist that allow architects to network with other architects or developers to network with other developers. Only UPworld helps professionals make connections across industries - and in a global market.

UPworld is the creation of practicing New York-based architects Jennifer Magee and Oisin Clancy. “Oisin and I both run our own small practices in New York City, and we needed help finding potential project leads and other professionals to work with. There was no online community to support our needs,” says Magee. “We created UPworld for professionals in the building industry like us - architects, real estate developers, planners, and construction managers who are seeking knowledge and expertise as well as networking and business opportunities with other like-minded individuals.”

UPworld recognizes that the real estate and building industry is highly disconnected, fragmented, and specialized, and yet real estate brokers, developers, architects, and contractors all need one another in order to survive. UPworld believes that we need a more open, shared, integrated approach to development and building. The archaic chain-of-communication model - financier talking to developer, talking to the architect, talking to the contractor - is counterproductive. Everyone needs to be communicating with one another simultaneously, changing the way buildings are designed and developed.

UPworld has helped its members make valuable connections across the globe since its launch in February of 2007. Serbian architect Vid Bogdanovic, a 3-D visualization specialist, used it to make contact with Marc Ackerson, partner of Fieldlines Design. Fieldlines hired Bogdanovic for visualization work and now because Bogdanovic has ties with engineers and other professionals in Belgrade, Fieldlines is designing a soccer stadium for that city. It's a good example of what Magee and Clancy want UPworld to do: connect people within a thriving online community and have those connections lead to real projects and deals.

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