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Lisbeth Calandrino

None of Us Wants to Come in Second Place


It seems that General Motors Co. wants to tie their union-represented workers pay to their work performance. This will be a major shift in how generations of auto workers have been compensated.
“They are trying to give hourly workers the same metrics as salaried workers,” GM Vice Chairman Stephen Girsky said Tuesday at the Detroit auto show. “There [...]

Stephen Frey
Stephen Frey writes on:

Workplace and Innovation


Fall is upon Vermont in its wondrous glory.  We transition from the outward focused time of summer to the more inward reflective moments we experience with the change of seasons.  Maybe this is why even in adulthood, we’re still wired to “back to school time.”
Maybe that’s why I so much enjoyed a recent seminar on Innovation, Culture [...]

Michael Kaufman, AIA

The Instagram App


SmartPhones and mobile applications can enhance the way we experience our world.  Here is a mobile application that may prove useful, compelling or just fun. 
Paul Simon, a New Yorker who can often define us perfectly, sang about Kodachrome in 1973. But since then, we have not only lost the storied film itself, but digital cameras [...]

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Bruce Kirsch
Bruce Kirsch writes on:

60-Second Skills - The F11 Insta-Graph


Problem - You’ve been working in a model for hours and are blurry-eyed. You want to quickly view the pattern created by a series of values to do a visual sanity check on all of the modeling you have been doing.
REFM 60-Second Skills Solution - Select the entire data series you wish to graph by mouse-clicking on [...]

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Gail Green
Gail Green writes on:



Angelo Dongia, the famous interior designer, referred to the ceiling as the most ignored, but interesting of the six planes. Fortunately, it hasn’t always been that way. Michelangelo and his patrons didn’t exactly perceive it as such. All the great architects through centuries past have “looked up” and found an interesting surface to adorn. It [...]

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Moses Sioni
Moses Sioni writes on:

Is it smarter to rent or buy?


With today’s uncertain economy unemployment at 9.1%, is it smarter to rent or buy and how do these factors affect landlords? The 800-pound gorilla in the room for real estate values is Standard & Poor’s downgrading of U.S. credit from triple-A to AA+. Fortunately, the preliminary findings are that the downgrade will not have a negative [...]

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