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Rebekah Peterman
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Anticipate What Motivates - The Key to Happy Customers


I have several, older relatives who live in a retirement village chain in FL. The care levels range from taking care of yourself with perhaps light cleaning assistance and doctors for check ups on site all the way to much more in depth medical care and accommodations once needed, as you progress through your years.

One of my relatives had a one bedroom, 2 bath, small kitchen with living room set up in the high rise building. There is another family friend, who also lives in the facility in the same building who just had a studio with bathroom and kitchenette. As sometimes occurs, new need arose to convert their apartments into a different care level, and the retirement facility administrator had to figure out a way to move current residents who could care for themselves out, so that those apartments could be converted into more, in depth care spaces.

Many factors are at play, and to say some finesse is necessary, well, you can imagine. There are existing financial agreements, selling someone on the idea with the hassle of moving looming, and so on, to consider. Since so much planning goes into the original decision to move into a care facility of this nature, once you’re in, you thought all the choices you’d made were, well, made.

My relative recounted having the list of typical questions you’d imagine - where would I move, how will what I’m already paying be affected, and many more that would need to be answered. The key to achieving a win-win in this situation (administrator needing people to move and causing a “want” to move) was incentive, because, after all, this was an inconvenience the business owner was putting on the customer, and a change to the originally agreed upon terms.

Enter, astute administrator, who practiced good customer service in 2 ways.

  1. He had done all his homework. He knew about both of the above listed best friends, and worked out a plan to incorporate all the necessary monies, needs, amenities and extras mostly BEFORE my relative even had time to ask, which showed
  2. that he cared enough about the clients to not only meet but to exceed expectations in ways that were only hoped for, but never previously promised in order to make the relocation more appealing.
The outcome? They are now proud occupants of their own 2 bedroom/2 full bath, newly renovated, ground floor villa with full kitchen, a lot more space, brand new personal, in-house washer and dryer, outdoor private patio and just steps away from the pool moved by a team who helped them get the big stuff transferred into the new place, all for the same money they were spending for the much smaller, separate spaces! Win-win.

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