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Does change have to be an uphill battle? (Part 1)


I was speaking at an event for Crossville, Inc. recently entitled, Successful Showroom Selling. It was a four-day event, including a manufacturing tour, new-product introductions and various seminars. I was speaking on ‘How to Use Social Media to Create Traffic in Your Show Room’.

It occurred to me the ideas weren’t complicated; in fact the ideas were fun. What would make it complicated was people’s resistance to change and trying something new.

Are changes that difficult? If you said to a business owner, “Do you want to be successful?”, they would say, “yes.” If in the next breath you mention social media, there would be plenty of frowns. What do people have to do to get past the ‘change’ part?

There are so many people who are resistant to social media; they say it’s stupid, intrusive and only for young people. These are the same people who don’t mind going out, getting completely intoxicated and bragging about it.

Success is all about the ability to change. It appears that some people think if they learn something new, it means what they knew before was inadequate or wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. Prior successes won’t guarantee success in the future, but it does show that you have some good skills.

Somewhere I heard the term ‘conscious intention’; it’s the thought that our success and failure depend on our responsive ability to determine what we want and then work towards it. If you ask business owners if they want more store traffic, they would also say yes. If you suggest they use social media, they look at you suspiciously. I didn’t ask them to rob a bank. I just asked them to try something different.

Why wait until your business is falling apart, your relationship is in the dumper, or  you’re on the verge of financial ruin to make changes in your life? Do we all need setbacks to move forward?

I went to a wonderful cocktail party last night hosted by my friends Joanne and Bruce. Joanne invited the owner of her gym, Brian Hull and trainer, Marcus McGregor. (By the way, the gym is called Recenter Square.) I must admit even for a gym junkie like myself these two looked amazing and intimidating.

At one point Joanne announced her abs were brought to us by her trainer. It was a very nice tribute, but the tribute really goes to Joanne and her persistence. All of us who go to the gym know it isn’t easy. But Joanne is an amazing business woman and of course is applying good business skills to skills to improve her abs.

Even if you’re in a rut and not living the life you want. you are capable of making changes. Sometimes all that’s needed is baby steps forward, and suddenly you’re on the path to change. Maybe it’s eating half of what’s on your plate to begin to lose weight. All of us have the conscious capacity to work towards what we want. We can tell ourselves we want to be better but ‘telling’ is not ‘doing’.

Successes from the past don’t guarantee success in the future, but they show us that we have the capability to succeed. Why wouldn’t these skills carry over to our brand-new tasks? Everything we’ve learned supports our ability to learn something fresh and take us to the next level. When you were young, learning to drive a car was really scary until you realized that you had all the skills to do it. You just need to practice.

So, what can you do to help move forward?  Stay tuned…

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