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Lisbeth Calandrino
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Does Price Matter? You Bet it Does. (Part 2)


Price does matter, and if low price is a victory for shoppers, and women are the real hunters, what does this mean to the salesperson? As a salesperson you must understand how today’s customers think. On one side, they want things to be a bargain or a good buy and on the other side, they can be swayed by certain buzz words and real value. The brands, such as Coach, are killing themselves with their own, cheap outlet stores. If you just want the Coach name, why pay full ticket? In fact, how do you tell the customer that your outlet products are fake or of lesser quality?

Remember, price is what you pay and cost is the price over time. It’s often said that only the rich can afford to buy cheap. Why?…because they can afford to buy it more than once.

Let’s think for a minute what customers want. Customers want ideas, solutions, things that are unusual and purchasing items that make them look smart and savvy. No one wants to think they made a bad deal or purchased something that is obviously of terrible quality.

As a salesperson it’s your job to understand how to make your customer feel like they’re smarter, better or cooler having bought your product. If you can’t satisfy my cravings for having made a smart purchase and satisfied my ideas, than your price will become the only differentiation.

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