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Lisbeth Calandrino
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Does Your Customer Service Need Cleaning Up? (Part 2)


What about all those news feeds you signed up for and never read? They’re just cluttering up your mailbox waiting to get deleted. Get rid of them or read them. I have a lot of feeds that seemed like good ideas, and now I don’t know why I wanted them.

What about your customer testimonials? How up-to-date are they? When was the last time you checked your online reputation? Is there anything out there that needs tending to? Here is an article on managing your on line reputation.

Do you ever look at your own web site? Is everything in order? What about your blog? Do you ever check your stats to see how many visitors you are receiving?

I know Spring is months away, but why not take a look at these things and make some changes now? There will probably be a lot of nasty, winter days where you can be making great changes and be ready for Spring.

Happy cleaning!

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