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Has Your Showroom Been Punked?


Showrooming” is the latest revenge of the retail customers, customers that check out your showroom and find the product onlin,e and, of course, buy. I don’t think this is anything new, but now it has its own name. One study reports that 56% of these customers hadn’t planned on buying online, but the retail store experience was so horrible that they went online. It’s back to bad customer service. Bad customer service looks different these days including salespeople texting on their cell phones, playing Words with Friends or Angy Birds while working with a customer!

Case in point is a friend of mine who tried to buy from a local retailer, but the retailer didn’t want to ship the product. Amazon.com didn’t mind—and at a cheaper price.

Do you want to know how to make your retail experience different? Check out the Apple Store Triple Convergence to see how you can apply the apple experience to your store.

Shopping in a retail store should be fun, interesting and inviting. Building an experience is about emotions. Companies like Build-A-Bear build their whole business around feelings and creating the warm fuzzies. How about a showroom and a museum? Make the best of a showroom. Vitrahaus-interior design.

Okay, so Internet and price-check Smartphone apps have made it easier than ever for consumers to shop online. Mobile payments are the future as 95% of survey respondents have mobile phones, yet just 36% have already used them to make a payment. Many consumers also consider mobile payments safer than online payments.

Are you wondering how to use mobile technology for your business? Here are some Interesting case stories from AT&T, how to use mobile technology and how to keep your competitors up at night.

Amazon has reinvented on line shopping, Sucharita Mulpuru, retail analyst at Forrester Research. “Amazon’s whole business is a loss leader.” I can’t believe that I can buy great books sometimes for fifty cents! If you’re going to give stuff away, the customer will buy. But unless you’re Amazon, you’ll lose your shirt, and get the cheapest customers. By the way, I never buy full retail at Amazon. I’m the dollar customer; do you really want me?

What about Wal-Mart testing same day delivery? Why compete with the low cost provider? You’ll only lose, and if you win, you’ve really lost! I remember a large floor covering retailer in the midwest who told me (1985) that he could buy tile cheaper than The Home Depot, and he could put them out of business. He had 10 stores at the time and was a  big force in the marketplace. It didn’t matter; in two years he was history.


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