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Lisbeth Calandrino
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Sell Anything, Anywhere, Anytime—Awesome Customer Service (Part 1)


I just finished reading an article titled “Mobility Means Wal-Mart can sell you tooth paste at a bus stop” by Steve Smith. It started me thinking, basically if your business is ‘mobile ready’ you can always be in front of a customer. I was in a restaurant yesterday, and I realized that over half the people were looking at their smart phones. I asked myself, “what are they looking at?” Customer service means giving the customer what they want, and yes, this is what they want. Customers want to be connected 24/7.

I decided to find out so I  approached a dozen or more people, told them I was doing a blog, and asked what they were looking at. Everyone was checking emails, watching videos (that’s a good one for me) and generally looking at their favorite sites. Oh of course, it goes without saying they  were all checking Facebook!

If you have a following or are building a following, you want to have a mobile site. It’s no longer a luxury or something for those ‘big companies,’ those of us who want to stay in front of our customer have to be mobile ready.

If your business is ‘mobile ready,’ it means just that you’re prepared for business. No longer do we have to wait for consumers to go into their office or home to check for messages. In fact, the consumer’s ‘favorites’ are always in front of them. Every moment is no longer a ‘shoppable’ moment.

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