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Lisbeth Calandrino
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What’s the Real Problem Disney? (Part 1)


I got quite a laugh when I read that people were buying handicapped stickers so they could cut in the waiting lines at Disney. Are the lines still miles long? The last time I was at Disney the lines to the rides were so long I wanted to cry. Actually, I just wanted to take the crying four-year-old back to the pool. As I recall, Jerrod wasn’t the only one getting hot and edgy as the adults were also hot and tired. I thought about using the bathroom but knew I would lose my place in line.

Disney who is noted for their magical customer service has hit a snag. They are investigating the people selling the handicapped passes and taking people to the front of the line. Apparently the tour guides are going for $130.00 and hour.

Yes selling handicap passes to get customers to the front of the line isn’t ethical, but I think it’s covering up the real problem–unbearably long lines. The real problem is, why do we have to stand in line for 45 minutes and pretend we like it. I”m sure that many people have complained, but Disney hasn’t fixed it. So, the customer has decided to take matters into their own hands–buy bootlegged passes to get in the front of the line. The customer sees a problem, so they fix it. Bootleggers see an opportunity, so they create a business. It all goes back to the same problem–the lines are too long.

I believe this is called ‘blaming the customer’ for your inadequate customer service. For anyone who has waited in line for a ride, you know what I mean. It’s actually easily fixed, provide free ice cream, have clowns, free water, face painting and anything else to keep people from wanting to slap each other. I suppose you could put in more rides but that might not be feasible.

Stay tuned for some stats you may find interesting!

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