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What’s the Real Problem Disney? (Part 2)


In a recent study on customer service out of the UK, it seems that the younger generation are more willing to tolerate long hold times, perhaps due to a greater capacity for multi-tasking. 49 percent of 16 – 24 year-olds are prepared to wait 5 – 10 minutes before hanging up and 30 percent would wait 11 – 20 minutes. We older folks seem to have a shorter fuse. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to spend our time in lines. Of those aged 55+, only 9 percent would wait 11 – 20 minutes and 22 percent hang up within 5 minutes.

According to the results, men are generally more impatient than women, with a fifth prepared to wait less than 5 minutes (20%) versus only 13% of women. Following a great customer experience, women are more vocal at recommending the company – whereas men would actually use the service more frequently. Another study reports that 43 percent of consumers said long lines will affect their decision to shop at a particular retailer in the future, and three percent of those consumers will stop visiting the store. It’s obvious, none of us like lines. Many of the supermarkets are very responsive, if they see more than 5 people in a line they bring in another cashier.

What about lines at the airline ticket counters. For those of us who travel often, we know it’s a fact of life, and personally, I don’t really notice anymore. When customers ‘step out of line’ or seem to be causing trouble, it’s likely there’s something wrong with your customer service.

Do you want to know which lines take the most time and where to go to meet your Disney characters? How about an app that tells you what you need to know.  For $13.95 a month you can find the real wait time at Disney! The app is called Touring Plans and it is updated during the day with information from customers standing in line! Apparently you can get the information from Disney about the length of the line, but the time really depends on how busy the park is.

So what do you do when your customer acts up? Ask yourself, is it something we need to do better or is the customer just crazy? Even nutty customers should have an audience, as you never know, you might learn something for your business. Come on Disney, you can do better than this.

What’s your experience with Disney, love to hear it.

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