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Will 2014 Be Any Different? Forget the New Year’s Resolutions. (Part 1)


About five years ago I discovered some New Year resolutions from about twenty years ago. First on the list was get organized! I was horrified. It was like I had just discovered some flaw in my life. What in the world did it mean?

Resolutions are like stones in your shoes. You tip toe around them and hope they’ll fall out or stop bothering you. Look at it this way.

Ask yourself, “What could I do that will cause a change in my life?”, and then give it some serious thought. Sure you can vow to clean up your house but who honestly cares? Does it matter in your life? If it did you would clean it once and for all keep things in place instead of keep messing it up. If someone is visiting maybe you want to clean up. If you drop dead and the place is a mess, someone will say you were a bad housekeeper. When you’re deceased who will care about your house?

Do you want to build your business? Make a list of what you want to happen and determine what tools you will need.

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