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These days everyone wants - requests - wood flooring. Why? I’m not sure. It’s evolution (no pun intended) probably started somewhere in HGTV land. Somewhere out there in the sixth dimension, a television design specialist proclaimed - everyone has to have wood floors. And, so it is. No less the design advocate than academic, I am taking issue with this cause. Why? Because, it is simply nonsensical. Of course, wood floors are beautiful - but everywhere and forever? And, to the detriment of one’s room, decoration, design, architecture, flow and well being?

Most clients, nowadays, desire having wood floors placed throughout their homes. When asked why, they responded, “I like, nay love, wood floors.” sic. The point is, if you consider a wood floor a plane and any break into that plane a disruption, than we have an issue. Pioneering in Bloomsian territory, I would say that even Robert Adams, that old guy, had an inclination re: furniture and it’s relationship to its surroundings, meaning how the properties of proportion and ratio work together in a room. RA had a huge humanistic understanding about space. He knew what made a person feel grand, good, and glad in his rooms. I venture to guess most of us do not have Robert Adams as our Architect or designer, or even Le Corbusier. So, while these eminent architects possessed a particular penchant or “Anxiety of Influence” from their predecessors, they still understood “what works” in their space in their time. In other words, sure they were influenced by what came before, but they understood what made a space work and what didn’t without undue pressure from the magazines and television shows.

Check back for “what works”!

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