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Gail Green
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As an interior designer, I am frequently asked about the defining differences between an architect, an interior designer, and a decorator. It is an insightful question, because the distinctions can be so subtle, yet radical, as to make all the difference between the intended and finished project.

  • INTERIOR DESIGNERS - Interior designers deal with form and function, space and aesthetics. In addition to performing all the services of a Decorator, interior designers are professionally trained to create pleasing environments through interior space manipulation and planning. Qualified through education and experience, an interior designer can identify, research, and creatively resolve design issues. They can reconfigure interior space to make it workable, meeting the specific needs and wants of the client. In addition, interior designers also perform the following functions: the allocation, organization, and arrangment of a given space to suit its function; the design of lighting and its specification (cove lighting, down lights, etc - the type of lighting that involves dropping or raising ceilings) and/or the design of light fixtures; the monitoring and management of construction and the installation of the design; the selection and specification of plumbing fixtures, furnishings, products, materials, hardware, and colors and how all relates to the space designed; the design and supervision of fabrication of custom furnishings and details and their “workability”; the development of documents and specifications relative to interior spaces (manuals and schedules delineating the plumbing, finish, hardware, paint, lighting schedules); the consulting services to help a client determine project goals and objectives. In effect, they mediate between the Decorator and the Architect, wedding the disciplines together in a harmonious way.
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