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Marie Burgos
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Simon Beck’s Snow Art


Although this may be a new concept to us, Simon Beck has been stomping the snow into delicate designs since 2004. He creates his wintery works of art at the Les Arcs Ski Resort where he has a second home. Each design takes up to 10 hours, and he tackles them alone, for now, but he is planning on hiring assistants in the near future and possibly taking his show on the road.

Simon explains his idea to make these formations as the natural thing to do. He draws out each design using a protractor and ruler before donning his snowshoes. Through his creativity, he hopes to spread the message that the mountains and snow are beautiful and worth preserving.

For more design inspiration, email marie@marieburgosdesign.com, and visit www.marieburgosdesign.com.

Images -Facebook, Simon Beck’s Snow Art

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