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With an evolving disintegration of the separate disciplines and the public’s misunderstanding of the design professional’s duties, time was rife and ripe for the flourishing of everyman’s design expression.

However, in this equation, 1 + 1 adds up to 0, because whenever someone thinks they are getting something for nothing, that’s exactly what they get - NOTHING!  As my friend and colleague, Steve Ballenger of Zepsa Cabinetry succinctly notes,  “If you don’t hire or pay for an experienced architect, designer or contractor, then you don’t get a coherent architectural plan, you don’t get sympathetic interior design, you don’t get seasoned, expert advice, you don’t get cost control, you don’t get project administration, you don’t get service and warranty…you simply don’t get a quality project. Instead, you wind up with a quilted patchwork of uncoordinated and decorative elements, and a stressful, poorly managed process. So, while the phrase ‘you get what you pay’ for is true, it strikes a new nerve to think of the inverse.”

To see a list of some humorous, albeit sad, examples of what happens when, as Steve says, “You don’t get what you don’t pay for,” check out the full article here.

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