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Bruce Kirsch
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The Only Way to REALLY Learn How to Model Well


While our courses and Self Study products will accelerate your learning process, I want to be perfectly clear t hat modeling well takes a ton of hard work and dedication and many, many hours logged. There is no getting around this. So, here are some ways to really learn how to model well, in addition to taking advantage of our offerings.

  1. Get a comfortable chair, and a second computer monitor if you don’t already have two.
  2. Put a well-built, accurate Excel model up on your left-hand computer monitor.
  3. Put a blank Excel sheet up on your right-hand computer monitor.
  4. Rebuild the complete model cell by cell, line by line, making sure at every step that your results match that of the reference model.
  5. Repeat for every other transaction type you wish to learn how to model well.

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