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James McConnell
James McConnell writes on:

Why hasn’t the stimulus stimulated the construction industry?


The Obama administration, and the government agencies it runs, have fallen right into the “figures don’t lie” trap in efforts to convince the populace that the $787 billion in cash appropriated in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is rapidly being infused into the American economy.  In fact, the vast majority of the money remains locked [...]

Jennifer Magee
Jennifer Magee writes on:

Economic Outlook for the Construction Industry


I tuned in today to a Webcast focusing on the key factors affecting the recovery of the construction industry now. The discussion revolved around stimulus spending, the credit market, consumer confidence, and the housing market. It was an informative session featuring expert economists Jim Haughey, Ken Simonson, and Kermit Baker.  The webcast was put together [...]