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Counting down to the Mobile Apps Showdown in NYC



This June, the Consumer Electronics Association (the group behind the International Consumer Electronics Show) will return to New York City for the annual CES Line Show (June 27-28, 2012). TECHNOGORILLA is proud to announce a media partnership with the Mobile Apps Showdown to be held during the show; I will be a judge during both the online and live portions of the contest. The competition is open to all mobile applications (it is platform agnostic) and provides a worldwide audience and first-hand exposure with some of the most influential professionals and journalists in the technology world.

The showdown is a tremendous media opportunity for the next generation of hot applications, particularly because of the startup-friendly benefits which are inclusion on the Mobile Apps Showdown website, an opportunity to showcase your app at a post-show tabling event and, of course, 20 semi-finalists will have reviews posted by the panel of expert judges.

This year the NYC CES Line Show event will include the “Wall Of Apps”, a major attraction during the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and participation includes one free entry into the showdown. Living in Digital Times (the proprietors of the showdown) saves entrepreneurs from building a display, designing splashy graphics, shipping a monstrous booth and hiring full-time staff for your display area by providing it all. Plus, they will track traffic, collect contacts and queries and make referrals on your behalf. Here’s a fix for all you data junkies and startup CFO’s. 

Statistics From The 2011 CES Line Show 

  • Total Attendees: 2302
  • Media/Analysts: 640
  • Retailers/Distributors: 431

Statistics from Mobile Apps Showdown

  • Web Views: 756,291 application views
  • Votes for Top Ten Finalists: 55,147

There really is no way to quantify that kind of exposure, particularly when the success or failure of your project is so often decided in the court of public engagement. The entry deadline for the Mobile Apps Showdown is May 13, 2012. What on earth are you waiting for? 

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