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Lisbeth Calandrino
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Consumer, Consumer, Where Art Thou? (Part 1)


Gone are the days when you could tell the customer what to read, think or buy. The customer has his/her ideas about everything including what and where to  buy. They aren’t listening to us very much.

Case in point: many businesses are putting their newspaper ads on Facebook–you know the discount ads. When these are put on Facebook, they interrupt the customers dialog with their friends. If you want to know what to put on Facebook, look at what gets the most comments. Every time I see an advertisement I just skip over it. There seem to be so many bogus offers that I’m not into looking at any of them even if they look interesting.

The advertising channels are going through a reincarnation; it’s not that consumers don’t care what you sell, they’ve changed how they want to connect with you. Online marketing is about engagement, and the traditional marketing is about ‘here we are’, look at us. The most important distinction is the customer and how they want to build their connections with businesses. Customers want to talk with each other about their lives, not about what products to buy. Are you surprised?

Despite the fact that newspaper reading is down, magazine subscriptions are up and talk radio is is growing. I read that 40% of Americans now listen to audio on digital devices, and it’s projected to double by 2015. It really is difficult to reach customers unless they want to be reached. In fact, the statistics are quite staggering.  Stay tuned!

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