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Samuele Trento
Venice, Italy
Development > Developer

Energy Division Manager
Our business includes renewable power plants like solar thermal, photovoltaic, geothermal and biomass, electrical and plumbing systems.
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Title:Energy Division Manager
Company Name:ELEKTRA Srl
Start Date:Oct 2009
End Date:Currently working
Company Size:21-50
Company Type:Privately-held
Energy Division Supervisor: my mission is controlling our turn key solution at bid stage, purchasing strategic components, like solar modules, inverters, stringbox and structures. I analyze market and delivery systems in order to assess present and future material availability. I locate vendors of materials, equipment or supplies, and interview them to determine product availability and terms of sales.
I also develop new projects for renewable solutions, like biomass or special photovoltaic plant and I create faseability study.
Experience Level
Expertise: I work in a variety of situations i which collaboration between people is essential, as in group projects
for PV Plants in South Italy (more than 1 MWp)and in Feasibility Study for Energy solutions.
I worked in a business agency where I learned to relate with the people listening to their different
needs and presenting products and offerings.
From summer jobs I learned to relate with different higly skilled workers.
As scout leader I learned to relate with children, adolescents and adults, sometimes dealing with quite
critical situations.
Skills: During actually work, I work with commercial agents, supply companies, workshops, organizing
different resources for feasibility studies and implementing the project concretely.
From summer jobs I knew various industrial realities, being involved in very different tasks.
As scout leader I manage and coordinate activities for 30 adolescents, organize winter and summer
camps often in uncomfortable places.
School:University of Padua - Italy
Degree:mechanical enegineering
Study Field:mechanical construction
Description:Industrial plants, Fluid dynamics, Applied Thermodynamics, Design of components and structures in
composite materials, Demage and fracture mechanics, Technical construction, Construction of
mechanical system, Mechanical constraction for the sport and rehabilitation.
Start Date:Jan 2011
Description:CoFounder of E4Life.it

E4Life is a soon-to-be OUTSOURCING PLATFORM that will be open to both providers and users of any kind of technical consultancy or installation planning on the energy sector.

The website will be targeted at three categories of prospective users:

- professionals, more precisely installation planners and technical consultants, who can find new projects to work on in the postings of the companies that have joined the E4Life network and who can also use the website to showcase their skills and expertise to both companies and private individuals;

- companies that require technical consultancy or installation planning and have no technical planning department;

- private individuals, whether these be technology enthusiasts who want to keep abreast of the latest technical developments or prospective customers who are looking for professional assistance in order to carry out home improvements.