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Tyson Felt
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Real Estate > Sales Manager

Millennium Vallarta
Owner/Office Manager
I own/manage a real estate office in Puerto Vallarta. We have the exclusive rights to sell a 10,000 acre land development on the pacific coast of Mexico. The development is in the direct path of growth and is going to be the next tourist destination in Mexico. We sell condo and home sites as well as hotel/resort/commercial properties.
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Title:Owner/Office Manager
Company Name:Millennium Vallarta
Location:Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
Start Date:Dec 2008
End Date:Currently working
Company Size:0-5
Company Type:Self-employed
Millennium Vallarta is a real estate brokerage that specializes in selling undeveloped lots including, condo and home sites and hotel/resort/commercial properties.
Experience Level
Expertise: I have been involved in buying and selling real estate for the past 5 years. I started as an investor in Canada buying and flipping residential properties for 2 years. I then went on to help run a real estate investment company for just about 2 years, helping people find cash flow properties. Early last year I took an extended vacation in Puerto Vallarta. While here in Puerto Vallarta I did some research on the real estate and tourism market and found a land development that was spilling over with potential, so I invested and later opened a real estate office with my partner, who was the one who got me involved in the development.
Skills: I have been in sales my entire adult life, while doing my own personal real estate on the side. I began in door to door sales, then moved into telecommunications inside sales, and shortly after moved up to outside sales. Now I am selling real estate in Mexico.
Career Goals: My #1 goal at this time is to make people aware of the opportunities that Mexico has to offer in land investments, and to help people find their dream retirement homes within Mexico. I am doing this by selling undeveloped lots in one of Mexico's newest and largest Master-Planned beach communities.
Personal Interests: I have always been involved in sports since I was strong enough to walk. I played hockey for 15 years, where I learned many things including, team work, leadership, hard work, persistence, drive and determination. I also surf, snowboard, dirtbike, and play golf.
I enjoy writing and am currently working on a book.
Something I would like to get into in the near future, because of my love for real estate is developing. I am currently working on some designs for a condominium resort project I would like the develop in the next three years.